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Nisana [S]
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 Post Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:20 pm    Post subject: Nisana [S]
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Name: Nisana
Alias: Diminica
Age: 27
Alignment: Evil
Hair Color: Blonde/Yellow
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Light Brown
Type/Race: Mutant
Weapon of Choice: Her bone sword/blade
Occupation: Inprisoned in High Security Prison
Theme Song: One For The Money - Escape The Fate

Personality: She mostly is serious, very rarely gets amused if not ever. She is humourless. She doesn't really like when people are trying to be funny or are acting/being like jokes themselves. Her serious attitude makes her unpopular in getting along with people or liking many or them liking her. Despite of the dislikes about people, she doesn't get mad or angry much either. Some would think she is emotionless, though it is not true. She doesn't like to talk much either unless needed, while also not liking to listen to others though mostly if they are talking about irrelevant unneeded things, So she may appear (and is) ignoring people. She prefers to be by herself, in fighting and casual time, though. She isn't a leader material though neither is a follower. What she does care though is to challenge herself in life. And when she gets into fights, she loves the danger and challenge, Fearing nothing.

Powers and Attributes:

    Attributes: Enhanced recovery, speed, strenght and flexibility/body stretching/bending . Ability to fly/levitate

    Bone Manipulation: Manipulating her body's bones in incredible ways, Extending them, creating more, pretty unlimited use, can grow more bone and so. Can also manipulate others bones if she touches the targets, being able to manipulate the targets bones, even grow their bones to some extenct as well. (Being able to add more bone material onto the targets, outgrowing their bones through the flesh and not just manipulate what the targets have.)

    White Energy Manipulation: Can manipulate her energy into any form and attacks.

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603 Rises Forum Index » Role Play Characters -> Maffy's Characters » Nisana [S]
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