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Afterlife RP
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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:08 pm    Post subject:
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R turned around once he finish firing his beam to notice Element vanish away behind him.He stood there listening to what Element had to say, although he didn't know who he was referring to nor did he really care. He just find it really amusing how much he thinks of himself and his god he is speaking of.

R: An eternal chaos like yourself huh? Such titles means nothing to me. From how i see it i don't see this so call power you speak of nor does it intimidate me. Your aura may be different but it's still not in par with my mark.

As Element levitated in the air R just threw both his swords up towards the mark in the air above them as he then took a knee.Suddenly black steam started to pour out of his body as he grew in mass increasing his power level to his peak as he mark in the air glowed a deep red,He then stood up as he seen Element levitated back down to him.

R:Funny,I was thinking the same for you fiend.Shadow step.

R then quickly threw a fix number of blows at Element, with each punch thrown a shadow figure was following behind him throwing another blow with a small explosive wave.As R was done he summomed two red blades made of his own energy sending out two shockwaves of energy at Element.Meanwhile back inside of the base Crystal was devistated that his fellow men was quickly turned to stone as if they were nothing.Unable to do anything about it she just nodded to Rylon as they started to head to the lab room. Rock noticed they were trying to escape and was about to go after them but was suddenly kicked in the back of the head sending him flying down where he noticed the acid as he landed right in it.The acid was quickly eating through his armor as Rock just powered up his right arm then punching a hole in the ground creating a massive hole in the ground as the acid started to flow downward.Rock then jumped in the air quickly throwing his armor off of him as he looked towards Arclight.

Rock: Your going to pay for damaging my armor.

Saito:No your not.

A portal open right beside Rock as Saito calmly walked out of it looking at his formal base,disgusted by what his son did to it.Rock confused for a second then went to ask.

Rock:Where is mother?

Saito:She will be here, don't you worry about that. I need you to go after the others and kill them. Forgot about these two. I will handle this.

Rock:You sure about this?

Saito just looked at Rock as he said nothing else and decided to fly downwards and flew through the hallway looking for Rylon and the others.Saito then looked at Arclight then towards Slayer before extending his hand as Claire's body levitated towards him.Saito then place his hand on her chest as she slowly wake up.

Saito: This is no time to sleep Claire.

Claire:Lo..lord Saito? Is that really you?

Saito: Do you remember what i told you.

Saito then looked at Claire's eyes till a symbol in her eye appeared as her expression changed.He then moves his hand as she took a knee.

Claire:Of course.. I am yours forever.

Saito:That's my girl..now go help the others,Your powers have been sealed but don't worry i just unlocked them.Now go.

Claire:My Lord.

Claire then fixed her gloves as she vanished,Saito eyes glowed a bright green as he pointed his hand at Arclight as he fired multiple homing blue energy shots at him as he vanished and appeared in front of Slayer and thrust his hand towards him trying to rip right through him.Elsewhere in the lab in the base Kosuke was feeling all the different power levels and didn't know who was friendly or here to kill them.Moments later purple flames emerged in front of him as he jumped a bit as Crixus walked out of it.


Kosuke: You asshole! Where the hell have you been!?

Crixus: Traffic..sounds like the party is finally starting. Well we can't completely start without the big boss now can we.Here is the vile of the kids blood,use this to bring back our lord.

Crixus reached in his pocket as he grabbed the vile and was about to hand him it,but suddenly he felt another presence in the room and quickly turned around and seen Cosmo in the room,before he could react he was stabbed in the chest with two blades as he accidently dropped the vile breaking on impact.Kosuke was shocked as he backed up to the wall.At that moment Crystal and the others finally made it to the lab room looking right at Crixus and Cosmo.

Crystal: Crixus!

Kosuke thinking:Dammit no this can't be happening..we were so close.


Crixus:Dam..i screwed up bad..."towards Kosuke" Sorry kid..have to bail before i..

Crixus then burst in purple flames as he vanished away leaving Crystal and the others to deal with the situation. Cosmo then seen Devod as his power level was rising up until his helmet broke apart.He then turned to his original form so he can speak.

Gabriel:Moebius....to think i would find you here..and with the enemy at that.

Crystal thinking:Who is he talking about..who is Moebius?

Gabriel:It matters not anymore, I am only here for the kid, don't get in my way.

Hotshot:I begged to differ.

Claire:I second that.

Hotshot and Claire then appeared right beside Cosmo facing Crystal and the others.Crystal was shocked to see Claire standing there and was even more so that she is standing after that blow earlier.

Crystal thinking:What is she doing? Her power,it feels..wrong.

Hotshot telepathy to Cosmo:I feel Rock presence, he is heading towards our location right now.And Mother will be here once she dropp of the remaining orb.

Gabriel:"Nods"So what's it's going to be? Are you going to leave quietly or do we have to escort you out?

Cosmo wasn't going to make the first strike as he wanted to see what they will do.Seeing as the boy(Kosuke) is right there and the material they need is already ready.he wonders how they will handle the situation.Crystal then looks towards Rylon and smiles as a sign of saying do what you think is right while inside her body she was preparing multiple barriers and forcefields just in case.
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 Post Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:45 am    Post subject:
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As The Revived Thorn Saw Roze Shoot Fire At Him, He Dodged It And Appeared In In Front Of Her, Since Only His Head Was Part Of His Original Body, Only It Was Vulnerable To Fire, While The Body Made Of Psycho Energy Was Not, Thorn Then Made Two Giant Vines Tear Out Of The Ground To Try And Get Them Wrapped Around Roze As He Stared At Her Emotionless, Meanwhile Back Inside The Base, As Saito Was About To Thrust His Hand At Slayer, He Was Barely Able To Open A Small Purple Portal On His Chest, And Another One Behind Saito, Causing Saito's Hand To Instead Thrust His Own Back, Slayer Then Made A Portal At The Last Second Appear In Front Of Arclight, Causing The Homing Shots To Go Through It And Instead Come Out Through A Portal Above Saito, And At The Last Second, Slayer Opened Another Portal Behind Him And Arclight, Causing Them To Get Sucked In And Out Of The Area, Now Outside Where Element Was Near By.

Slayer: Fuck That Was Close! Too Fucking Close! That Was A Double S, I Drained A Lot Of Power Using Such Speed To Open My Portals, With A Double S Here, We Should Probably Bail

Arclight: A Pity

Slayer: Not Like This Is Our Fight Anyways

Meanwhile As R Threw Swords And Punches With Explosive Waves, Element Got Hit By Everything, And With His Creepy Mask Echo Voice, He Screamed In Agony, Getting Burned And Stabbed, And Finally Hit By The Two Shockwaves, Getting Slammed To The Ground, With His Body Smoking And Twitching, Element Looked Like He Was About To Die, But Suddenly The Real Element Was Levitating In The Air And Cockily Levitated Down, Landing Next To His Copy That Took All The Hits, The Copy Then Dissolved Into Golden Mist And Fused With His Golden Aura, Element Just Started To Chuckle As He Looked At R

Element: I Don't Run Out Of Power, But I'm Guessing You Do

Back Inside As Cosmos Spoke To Devod, He Just Grinned And Crossed His Arms As He Looked At Him.

Devod: Gabriel, First That Foolish Woman (Mother) And Now You, How Pitiful, Just Like Thanatos, You Two Were Foolish To Refuse To Join My Lord (Valog), You Saw What He Did When He Walked Into Heaven For The First Time, Now Hell Is Practically His, And It's Pathetic That Now You Fools Actually Feel That What You're Doing Here Will Have Any Importance What So Ever? Completely Ignorant Of Whats Really Going On, But You'll Find Out VERY Soon Enough -Turns To Look Rylon- If We're Done Here And Your Lord Cannot Be Returned, I Suggest We Return Back To Earth, I Dare These Fools To Attack There

Rylon: No, We Can't Let Them Take The Boy (Kosuke) Or Get What They Want, And As For You (Claire) You'll Die For Your Treachery!

As Rylon Spoke, Suddenly Slayer And Arclight Arrived There Using Slayer's Portals, And Devod Turned To Look At Them.

Slayer: General, Theres A Double S Here, What Do We Do?

Rylon: Hey You Can Open Portals Right? Take Us ALL Outside

Rylon Said, As Slayer Turned To Look At Devod, Waiting For Him To Give The Order, Once Devod Nodded, Slayer Opened Portals Behind Everyone, Causing Them All To Get Sucked Into Them And Released To Newer Portals Opened Outside Of The Base, Suddenly Rylon Powered Up To His Maximum And Turned To Look At The Others

Rylon: Alana, You Kill That Traitor (Claire) And Crystal, Get The Boy Out Of Here, Somewhere Safe Where We Can Find You And Get The Hell Off This Planet, Evan, You're With Me, We'll Take This Guy On (Hotshot)

Devod: I Shall Take Gabriel On

Rylon: Suit Yourself

Slayer: What About Us?

Devod: You, Arclight, And Alicia, Go Help Roze Kill That Shell Right Away, Then You Four Kill The One That Was Following Us (Rock), Element Will Handle His Opponent, And If The Double S Comes Here, We'll Release Element's Power Level Seal, Allowing Him To Use His Full Double S Power

Slayer: Wait What? But That's Dangerous, You Saw What Happened With Core

Devod: Then Lets Hope We Won't Have To Release Element's Power Then, The Last Thing We Need Is For Element To Also Turn Traitor

As Devod Finished Speaking, Arclight And Slayer Flew To Where Roze Was At, While Evan Powered Up And Followed Ryon Who Went After Hotshot, Both Flew Into The Air And Fired Energy Beams Down At Him, While Devod Just Grinned While Looking At Cosmos.

Devod: I Have Learned Powerful Sorcery From Lord Valog Himself, I Am Far More Than You Remember Me To Be, But To Your Credit, So Are You, So Let Us Begin

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 Post Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:25 am    Post subject:
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Delta Capital, Delta

As Thorn made giant vines tear out from the ground and go wrap around Roze, Rose just grinned as she then made two souls get out of her body as the vines wrapped around her. Before they could damage her much though, she powered her body on fire while one of the souls shot fire at the vines from outside, burning them with Roze off of her as Roze then levitated out of the way a bit while grinning at Thorn. The other soul then appears behind Thorn as it shoots out a freezing wind at Thorn, intending to freeze Thorn instead. Meanwhile as as Rylon got everyone outside, Alana's adreline had grown as things were getting bigger and once Rylon tells Alana to kill the traitor, Alana snaps as her eyes turn golden as she grips her fists while looking over to Claire's direction and yelling angry yet excited.

Alana: Good! I want her blood shed for Shouta!

Before she could control it, Alana turns completely into her lycan form as she starts dashing after Claire, being bloodthirsthy for the blood of the traitor who seem to have only fooled people about her loyalty. Meantime Alicia looked over to Devod as she just nodded to his order and then flew off along with Slayer and Arclight to Roze's direction.
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 Post Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:20 pm    Post subject:
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Saito, at the last moment seen slayer retreat into a portal and before he could do anything he thrust himself pushing him just a little before regaining balance.He then looked up as he seen his own blast heading his way.He simply lifted up his right hand catching the energy and quickly absorbed the energy.Once he was done he felt the two(Slayer,Arclight) teleport away from him. Knowing this he quickly got into contact with Rock.

Saito telepathy:Rock.

Rock telepathy:Now isn't the time,I am looking for the child.

Saito:The situation has change.I need you to retreat for now.

Rock:Say that again? it seems i had bullshit in my ear.

Saito:Don't test me right now, I will handle this for now.

Rock: You can't be serious, is your body even up for this yet?

Saito:Well we will just have to find out now don't we, i will give the signal. For now don't get in the way.

Rock:Very well..if Mother bothered to find you then there must be some use of you.

Meanwhile outside of the base R was delivering the massives blows at Element,he noticed all of them were hitting him and thought victory was certain but then he double thought things through and realise this was way to easy.He then turned around and noticed the real element levitating down towards him.This angered him a bit but chose not to let it get to him.

R thinking:Heh..so you plan on tiring me out right..

R:It will take more than this to drain me,This is nothing.

R broke a piece off of his armor and let it go as it got sucked up by the seal he has up in the sky while the mark on his forehead changed. while getting ready for his next attack.And at that moment he felt Cosmo power nearby as he looked over and seen him and the others get transported outside. Cosmo and Hotshot said nothing as they listen to what they were saying while staring at the kid.

Gabriel:Mother said by any means.

Hotshot:Well by all means..let's have some fun.

Hotshot press a button on his pistol which transformed it into a sniper rifle as he jumped back as Rylon and Evan followed him shooting energy blast towards him.Hotshot started to laugh as he focus his energy into his gun while shooting kinetic blast at the shots countering the ones by him while dodging the others heading his way.He then throws his sniper on the ground while his right eye glowed red as it released a powerful optic beam towards Rylon and Evan.Doing the same time Claire smirk a bit while looking at Alana changing into her lycan form.She just pound her fist together while saying in excitement.

Claire: Come on then girl, i've taken down bigger dogs then you in my life.

The geass symbol in her eyes disappeared as it changed back blood red as she released her power.Claire then collided with the lycan locking hands with the beast but slowly but surely being overpowered.

Claire:I have to admit, in a straight head on fight i have little to no chance, but.

Suddenly fire wisp surrounded them as Claire chuckled a bit as the fire wisp  started to engulf both of them.

Claire:How does the mutt do against a fiery blast i wonder.

Claire kept holding onto the lycan as the flames got bigger and hotter.Meanwhile Gabriel looked towards Devod while placing his hands to the side while his energy poured out his fingertips.

Gabriel:I am curious of what your lord could have taught you Moebius .Well let's not dilly dally any more.

Gabriel then snap his finger as the ground below him started to crumble. The rocks and other debri  quickly fused with his cosmic energy as it changed into his own meteors that he sent towards Devod, once they were close Cosmo created several barriers around Devod trapping him in and doing that time he forced the meteors to exploded inside with him.

Crystal:Come on..let's get out of here. We will find another way to bring him back.

As Crystal was trying to leave the battlefield with Kosuke something invisible was blocking her path. It felt familiar and then noticed it was barrier in between her and safely.Moment later a portal open up right in front of Alicia,Arclight and Slayer, R looked up and seen Saito walk out of it with his arms crossed observing the situation till he decided to say.

Saito:Now what do we have here? Go ahead, try to pass me by. I will shoot you down.

Saito activated his geass as he looked directly at them waiting to see what they will try to do. Crystal not being able to do anything she released her own personal barrier around her and wrapped it around Kosuke and the book he was carrying.

Crystal thinking:I can't let them get him..my barrier will protect him for the meantime,but if he decides to attacks us it will be all over. If only i remember what his geass does, It's not like Shouta,Jovani or Norra's...Control,Speed and Time..what is his?

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